Which SEO Tools Are The Best Investment For Your Business

Creating the perfect SEO strategy always feels like an uphill battle; no matter how hard you fight, you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

But can SEO tools level the battlefield?

Keep reading to find out! 

What Are SEO Tools Used For

Before we get into what you can use them for, you first need to understand what an SEO tool is and why they are essential.

SEO tools basically let you find all the data about your competitors that they don’t want you to see. Because of this, you can find out what is making a website rank, but more importantly, they show you how to outperform them.

So, what kind of tasks can you use SEO tools for?

Well, several SEO tasks can be made easier using SEO tools, like:

  • Rank tracking
  • Site audits
  • Page speed
  • Content writing
  • Keyword research
  • Link building

One important thing that should be noted about SEO tools is that some can only take care of one of the above issues.

This doesn’t make the tool any less worthwhile; it just means it has a superpower it likes to stick to.

Other tools like…

  • Ahrefs
  • SEO Powersuite
  • SEMRush 

Focus on being an all-in-one SEO tool, which means you can take on multiple SEO tasks without needing to purchase multiple tools.

Whether you go for an all-in-one tool or a tool that focuses on one area doesn’t really matter, the choice is yours.

The important thing is making sure you use them; your competitors will be. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to jump on the SEO tool fan bus.

Best Bang For Your Buck SEO Tools

There’s a huge misconception when it comes to SEO, and that is it has to be expensive, which just isn’t true. There are plenty of free SEO tools for you to use, but there is a slight problem:

Free SEO tools tend to be very limited in the information they provide. Because of this, it can be pretty hard to find the exact data you need.

This means you need to jump through a lot of hoops to get the relevant information. To find the appropriate data, you’ll have to spend a lot of time experimenting with different variations of keywords, etc.

For this reason, most people tend to head towards paid tools. They have far more data at their disposal, but more importantly, they share it all with you.

This helps you make a more informed decision instead of working on guesswork.  

The best thing about paid tools is the developers are continually upgrading the tool to make it better for the user.

You get what you pay for, so if you value your mental wellbeing and time, then paid tools are for you.

Below is a combination of paid and free tools. Each one has its own superpower or thing it can do better than any other tool. Check em out and see what you think:


This is one of the all-in-one SEO suites that was mentioned before. Ahrefs is a very highly regarded tool by SEOs all over the world.

Ahrefs Tool
Ahrefs Tool

This was mainly because of how advanced the tool is when it comes to backlinks. No other tool has such an extensive backlink index. The tool is excellent for any task to do with backlinks because of this factor.

This could be things like:

And Ahrefs can do a lot more than this. You can also complete tasks like keyword research. Using their keyword explorer page, you can find 100’s of relevant keyword ideas and topics to help grow your site.

Another great feature is being able to perform site audits. With tools like Ahrefs, identifying, and fixing problems with your site can take no time at all.

Ahrefs will quickly scan your site for faults, but more importantly, it will show you exactly how to fix the problems. 


RankMath is a fantastic free plugin. It works in a similar way to Yoast, which is a very popular SEO tool. Only RankMath is far better, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. 


You can use the tool to help you optimize your on-page SEO based on 30 known ranking factors. 

RankMath provides easy migration over to their platform, which they are more than happy to help you out with if you get stuck.

Another great feature is rich snippets that support 15 data types.

Overall this tool provides features that usually come with premium tools, but you don’t have to pay a thing.

Surfer SEO

This has to be the hottest SEO tool on the market right now, which is no surprise; it’s nothing short of excellent. 

Surfer Seo
Surfer Seo

The tool helps you create perfectly optimized content for new and existing articles. The tool scans your content and analyzes it based on 500+ on-page SEO signals.

It will then compare your content with the top 10 performers for your chosen keyword. Once you implement the changes, the effects can take place overnight.

Surfer SEO also features a content editor page that will show the writer which keywords to use and how many times to use them.

And that’s not all:

Surfer SEO will also tell you what questions need answering and how many…

  • Words
  • Paragraphs
  • Pictures
  • Bolded words

The article needs. And it does all this based on what’s already working on Google. Creating perfectly optimized content has never been any easier with this tool.

That is why Surfer SEO is the hottest tool on the market right now!

Wrapping Up

SEO tools are used to acquire information about your competitors about what is making their website rank.

And if you want to compete with the big boys, you’re going to need SEO tools. Without them, you’ll need to work on experience and guesswork, which can make things pretty tricky.

There are plenty of other SEO tools out there, but you can build yourself a potent SEO tool kit with the three mentioned above.

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