VersionPress 2.1.1 Free Download

VersionPress is a free and open-source plugin that brings the full power of Git to WordPress. Its key strength is that it version-controls not just files but also the database.

As the authors eloquently put it: “This enables things like site-wide reverts, easy staging, efficient backups, and more.” For example, the ability to revert to a point before an update, if that particular update (either to the core, a plugin or a theme) broke something, with one click, is a feature that I think most people would certainly use. Combine that with an easy to use testing and staging area and you have a winner.

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VersionPress 2.1.1 Main Key Features:

All changes tracked in Git

VersionPress automatically creates Git commits for both file and database changes, in natural language.

“Undo button for WordPress”

Plugins break, people make mistakes; sometimes, you just want that good old Undo button.

Branching and merging

Git took the pain out of file merging; VersionPress does the same for WP database.

Teamwork via GitHub, GitLab, etc.

You can push to GitHub, your colleagues pull and make the site fully functional in seconds. MySQL is a cache.

Ridiculously efficient backups

VersionPress can store hundreds of full site snapshots to just a few megabytes.


We care about UX deeply. VersionPress should not be a low-level tool for geeks.