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How to Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number? 2016 Trick

How to Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number? 2016 Trick


Whatsapp is a very famous messenger in these days many peoples use this messenger app to keep in touch with their friends. There are huge numbers of groups exist on Whatsapp you can join those groups to get updates furthermore you can also share images, audio and video with your friends. Whatsapp also allows you to send voice messages and you can also make a call with your friends.

Whatsapp is very easy to use and reliable app many people thinks it isn’t possible to use Whatsapp without Mobile Number but it is very easy and simple way. I will teach you today that How to Use Whatsapp without Mobile Number? There are many tricks and hacks are available in market but the trick to Create account on Whatsapp without Mobile Number is a very popular and interesting I also like it most than other tricks.

Steps to Create Whatsapp account without Phone Number:-

  • Download Whatsapp from play store and install it on your android device.
  • If you are using Whatsapp already in this device then deactivate existing account.
  • After deactivating existing account launch it again and give your name only do not enter mobile number right now.
  • Download Text+ app in your android device and launch it. After opening it go to settings and select contacts.
  • You’ll get a number there to use for your personal purpose in the app. Copy that number
  • Open Whatsapp again and paste number here and click on verify. You’ll get a verification code Text+ app.
  • Get this code and verify your Whatsapp account.

Now you’ll be able to use Whatsapp without any Mobile Number. Enjoy! “)

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