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How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted

How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted

Today I will tell you top secret method ,How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted. 1st You may know about Hosted or Non Hosted Adsense Acount .So Let Start..


What is Adsense Hosted Account?

When you make Adsense account through any of the Google’s partner website just likeYoutube,Blogger,Hubpages and Docstoc etc.It will be Adsense Hosted Account.You can not use this Hosted account on your website.You can just use this account on the Partner sites of Google.

What is Adsense Non-Hosted account?

Adsense Non-Hosted account does not belongs to any partner site of Google.The website also do not belong to the Google But when you got approved your site for a Non-Hosted account after that you can link you Non-Hosted account with any of Google’s Partner site.

Now You are want to Upgrade Adsense Hosted account into Adsense Non-Hosted account and wanted to show ads on your websites.You must need to follow some steps.

First of all you need to Fill a simple Form and let the Google to review your application and website.When all the process will complete your account will be changed in Non-Hosted account.But if you really want to change your account Hosted to Non-Hosted then you must need to have some quality content and visitors on your site.

Conditions to Apply for Adsense Non-Hosted account:


  • Your blog Should must contain a beautiful Theme and easy to navigate.
  • Blog must have pages of Contact us,Privacy policy,About me and Disclaimer.
  • Blog must load With speed.

Method to Apply for Non-Hosted account:


  • First of all sign in to your Adsense account
  • Now go to Account setting
  • Then go to the “Access and Authorization” and then you will see a sub menu,Nowselect 1st Option “site Authorization”.



Now put your blog where you want to show Ads in blank space on the page.

Now the Next step:

After putting the address of your blog click submit and after submission click on My Ads Tab.Now from here you need to create a new Add code and copy the HTML code of this Ad unit.Now go to the admin panel of your site and put this HTML Ad code anywhere in your site.


After placing Ads in your website , You just need to wait for approval of your application from Google Adsense.Once you succeed in getting approval from Google Adsense then you can place ads on any site.But Keep in mind your site where you are going to place ads must comply with Adsense Policies.

So that was the complete process to upgrade Adsense Hosted account into Adsense Non-hosted account.And if you like this post then please share it with your friends and family on Facebook,Twitter and Google+.


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