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UDEMY – Google Search Secrets – Worth $20

UDEMY – Google Search Secrets – Worth $20
Learn how to master Google Searches and much, much more!
  • Hugo Matos Entrepreneur and Manager

    As an Entrepreneur, Manager and a specialized trainer, Hugo Matos has vast experience in the IT world.

    With a strong IT, Training and Managerial background, Hugo has worked for worldwide leading class companies, managing their staff and departments effectively. He was responsible for training, developing and managing the “Go live” of several Sony VAIO call centers around the world and has worked closely with the management teams of leading corporate clients such as Lenovo, Kaspersky, Avast, Sony, Microsoft, etc.

    He has a passion for training, the IT field and loves to share his knowledge with those that want to progress in life or those that simply want to enhance their skills.

    UDEMY – Google Search Secrets – Worth $20

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