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Get Precious Ngwu – Traffic Fusion Free. The latest traffic tool of 2015 that does not rely on paid advertisement or SEO rankings. Precious Ngwu automatically gives you traffic from a new different source. Traffic Fusion a new technology that allows you to get into the new underground world of traffic source and instantly drive thousands of visitors to anywhere you want. you can also Download Ninja Popups 4.5.1 Get Free From Here!


  • EASY WIZARD SETUP SYSTEM FOR YOUR NEW TRAFFIC MACHINE: Traffic comes inbuilt with a setup wizard, once you install the software and open it for the first time… the wizard runs and takes you to step by step to help you configure the app and get your first campaign in the air – we couldn’t have made it any easier.
  • SETUP “INSTANT TRAFFIC GETTING” CAMPAIGNS IN UNDER 2 MINUTES: This is the part I love the most… each “Traffic-Getting” campaign takes under 120 seconds to set up, you just add links and a little text – literally, copy n’ paste stuff… it’s way TOO easy, no confusing and time liquidating technical functions.
  • CREATE & CONNECT “UNLIMITED” ACCOUNTS FOR MASS TRAFFIC: We’re going to show you how to create your traffic account and connect UNLIMITED accounts to the Traffic Fusion app. Also, each account can have UNLIMITED communities synced with it for mass traffic distribution.
  • ADD UNLIMITED CONTENTS + FULL SPUN TEXT & SPIN REWRITER INTEGRATION : Add multiple “1 – 10 line” sentence(s) as contents for your campaign, you can also have them in nested spun format or integrate with platform to do it for you automatically – Traffic Fusion is fully designed to deliver high-level content uniqueness in its traffic generation campaigns.
  • TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE SPEED, RECALL, AND THROTTLING OF CAMPAIGNS: You have the choice to set how fast you want a campaign to be completed, set up the speed and throttling of your content distribution, choose how many times you want this campaign to repeat and bring in more traffic and a ton more settings… in fact, everything about the success and delivery of targeted visitors to your sites is in your hands, you have FULL CONTROL!
  • SLEEK DASHBOARD FOR CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT & STATISTICS TRACKING: Easily delete, play, restart, pause, edit and manage every aspect of your campaign from this one fancy dashboard designed for simplicity and clarity. Also, know right off the bat the completion status of your campaigns.
  • YOUR TRAFFIC GENERATION HISTORY IN ONE PLACE (JUST CLICK TO VIEW) : We make it very easy for you… in 1 click, we’ll show you exactly where Traffic Fusion has distributed your contents/links to generate traffic for you. Even better… you can also click again to view these places and hyper-active communities in your browsers so you see just how hot and super-targeted the traffic we’re sending you is.
  • SEND TRAFFIC TO ANYWHERE AND PROMOTE ANYTHING INSTANTLY: There’s no limitation, you can send traffic to anywhere you want or promote anything you want… heck, you can even use this to promote that your new Kindle book on how to make pumpkin lanterns or that your silly Youtube video of pranking ladies at the beach; all you need to do is select your target niche and push a button… that’s how awesome this software it!
  • CAPTURE PROFITABLE LEADS AND SELL MORE PRODUCTS FASTER: We know how seriously you are about growing your business, we’ve built a serious traffic automation app that will send hordes of targeted visitors who’re seriously interested in your offers so you capture high-quality leads and sell lots of your products every single day.
  • WORKS IN ANY NICHE AND TARGET MARKET: It doesn’t matter whether your niche is fishing, cooking, dancing, scuba diving or if you’re targeting doctors and mechanics… Traffic Fusion is going to drive all these prospects straight to your landing page.
  • WORKS FOR ALL LANGUAGES AND COUNTRIES: Marketing to different countries in different languages? Traffic Fusion has absolutely no regional restrictions or language barriers… the world is yours to dominate.

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