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Traffic Elixir New Version Free Download



It is a WordPress plugin that helps you to schedule posts to Google + Communities, in an effort to driving traffic to your website or affiliate links.  The name refers to the Elixir of Life, implying that this traffic generation will be evergreen and work indefinitely – a very bold claim to make!

You search manually for groups that are not private (currently most of them are not) and join them. The user manual recommends joining about 20 of them per G+ profile, and to focus on the those relating to your niche or web site.

Next, you set these groups in the plugin through your dashboard.  Once you set them up you are ready to start scheduling your posts.  The Traffic Elixir plugin uses a specific spinning software called  Spin Rewriter, which has a 5-day trial, but after that, it will cost you £37 per month, or $ 197 per year or $497 for life.  How would you like to work that out immediately after you purchased this product?

Traffic Elixir Main Key Features:

  • The sales page is deceptive – you will not get those type results with the basic version.  You need all the up-sells to get that type of results
  • Spinning software – even though the manual states that this is not required but highly recommended, you will not get the results promised without it, because you will be posting duplicate content
  • Unethical practices – spinning content is a controversial method of creating content, and blasting your posts to multiple communities will probably flagged in future Google + updates
  • Incorrect use of Google + Communities – you will probably not get great responses from this method.  There are real people behind these communities, and you will need to engage in the right way with a attitude of first giving/helping before you expect to receive (here is a very good video showing  use Google+ Communities the ethical way).
  • Poor training – the manual encourages you to quickly join up to 20 groups with larger user numbers.  This does not take into account the actual volume and quality of the activity within the groups. (see link above for more on that).