Tips to Sell your GIGs on easily! 2017

Tips to Sell your GIGs on easily! 2017 is one of the marketplaces growing every single day, and freelancers are taking advantages of it as much as they can. At fiverr you can offer any of your services for only $5, but that $5 is something bigger sometimes than your expectations. This website was launched just a few years ago in 2010. And so far, it has reached more than 1.3 millions services that are offered by thousands of freelancers. And millions of buyers have paid for the services offered on over the last 4 years.

In my opinion, every single person on the earth can take benefit of this great marketplace, because it’s super easy to use and very simple to understand. There has never ever been more simpler platform than this one for buyers and sellers. The services starts from 5$ sometimes reaches at $500, but you need to understand the mechanism and the idea behind this platform. Let me explain you each and everything about it.

What is is a marketplace where people (usually freelancers) can offer any service starting from $5 dollars, and the rest of the world will buy that service if they are interested in it. These services are called “GIGs” in fiverr’s language . anyone can offer any kind of service i.e video creation, logo designing, web designing, web development, filming, SEO, writing, selling tools, offering consultancy, modeling. Here are the simple steps how fiverr works.

1. A person (seller) offers a service (GIG) starts from $5
2. Another person (buyer) orders that (GIG) at $5 – charges him $5 (via Paypal or Credit Card)
3. The seller is informed to complete the task in the given time ($5 is held by fiverr until the work is done)
4. The seller complete the work & delivers it to the buyer
5. The $5 which is held by fiverr is sent to the seller (some charges are taken by

That’s a very simple and clear procedure to sell services online with However, let me tell you more about it.

How to get started with

Joining fiverr is free and will always be, just go to and create your profile, you need to just take few steps to create an account there, You can even use Facebook to log-in-to fiverr. After creating your account you can instantly start offering your services starting from $5 and the next day you’ll get receive orders if your services are worth buying.

How to create an attractive Profile on

While you start thinking to be successful on, you must look at each and everything, because without doing hard work and wise brain, you can’t find free eggs anywhere.

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