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This plugin SEO Cleaner 1.3 removes STOP WORDS from the WordPress Slugs in ENGLISH, SPANISH, GERMAN, and FRENCH. For all languages, it removes HTML entities and anything that is not a letter, digit, space, or apostrophe. Please note that the plugin should not be used together with translate, WPML, or polling. In case you have a multi-language blog, this plugin doesn’t work correctly.

Yoast WordPress SEO has added similar functionality to the one of this plugin in version 1.4.16 (“Add option to enable slug stop word cleaning”), which is on by default but removed it in version 7.0.0 (Release Date: March 6th, 2018). If you use our plugin together with Yoast WordPress SEO in versions older than 7.0.0, please turn the WordPress SEO functionality off (find it under SEO -> Permalinks).

You can also visit RSS Submit 3.51 Full Activated Version

SEO Cleaner 1.3 Key Features:

  • hides the cartoon-style sidebar ads on almost all settings pages of the Yoast SEO plugin
  • hides the tagline nag showing as a Problem in the Yoast SEO Dashboard
  • hides the robots nag showing as a Problem in the Yoast SEO Dashboard and the advanced tab of Yoast SEO UI in Edit Post/Page screen when your site is blocking access to robots
  • hides the Upsell Notice in the Notification box that shows in the Yoast SEO Dashboard
  • hides the Upsell Notice in the social tab of Yoast Post/Page metabox
  • hides the Premium Upsell Admin Block that shows in the entire Yoast SEO backend
  • hides “Premium” submenu in its entirety
  • hides “Go Premium” meta box on edit Post/Page screens
  • hides Post/Page/Taxonomy Deletion Premium Ad
  • hides Problems box from Yoast SEO Dashboard
  • hides Notifications box from Yoast SEO Dashboard
  • hides image warning nag that shows in edit Post/Page screen when a featured image is smaller than 200×200 pixels
  • hides check Configuration wizard box that shows on top of most

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