NinjaGram 2.4.6 New Version Get Free

NinjaGram the world’s #1 Instagram bot. This proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work, SAVES you enormous amounts of time, gets you thousands of followers, and helps you generate more profit from this wildly popular image sharing website!
Ninja Gram comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 200 million active users. Ninja Gram has a go at the ideal time subsequent to Instagram now brags more than 200 million dynamic clients. Our showcasing programming incorporates the accompanying thorough components:

NinjaGram 2.4.6 Key Features:

  1. – Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL.
  2. – Auto-follow
  3. – Auto unfollow (and you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago).
  4. – Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag search and like any new photos).
  5. – SUPER LIKE! Like targeted users’ last five photos. Extremely effective method to gain more followers.
  6. – Auto comment from a list of comments.
  7. – Like a person’s most recent photo when following them.
  8. – Time delay feature to keep your account safe.
  9. – Blacklist
  10. – Proxy support
  11. – Import/export accounts from the text file.
  12. – Preview pics (can disable in settings). When following, commenting or liking the software now shows a small preview pic of the user/photo…!”