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Magic Members 1.5.23 Get Free



The Magic Members Addon for WP Courseware will add full integration with WP Courseware. It will allow you to assign WP Courseware courses to a membership level. Once the course(s) are assign to a membership level. Upon purchase of a membership level, a student will automatically be enrolled in the associated courses.

With this addon, you will be able to create a fully automated LMS system which you can sell online, or if you choose to run a free online course, you can do so with ease. Membership sites are an increasingly popular way to monetize a website. With a membership site, you restrict access to some or all of your content. And if users want access to that restricted content, they need to sign up or pay. Simple enough, right?

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  1. Create a course with WP Courseware and add the module(s), unit(s), and quiz(es)
  2. Add units to modules, and add quizzes to units within modules
  3. Create a course outline page using [shortcode]
  4. Create a membership level and set a price
  5. Associate one or more WP Courseware courses with the membership level
  6. New users pay for membership level, and WP Courseware assigns them to the appropriate course(s) based on the membership level.