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Leap Live Chat 1.2 New Version Free Download



Leap Live Chat 1.2, You either know the code to get in, or give the code to let in. Everyone in the group gets access to a fully collaborative photo experience, called a pad. A pad can be made for anything: clubs, events, weddings, friends, families, it’s up to you! Every pad you enter will be saved in a list so you can easily ‘Leap’ between different groups.

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Leap Live Chat 1.2 Key Features:

  • Ability to delete analytics/transcript
  • Better chat UI
  • Trigger leap chat through content , use shortcode [leap_trigger]your text[/leap_trigger] to create a clickable link
  • Chat now shows offline if no user is available
  • Chat now notifies all over the wp-admin when a new user has arrived
  • Fixed translation issue, add .pot file also
  • An operator can now send attachments to the user (image, video, pdf, zip supported )
  • Ability to detect a user on page and able to interact with it.
  • All operators now receive notification through email whenever a new user is on the page
  • Better mobile support
  • Fixed Firefox bug for notification.

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