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How to Improve SEO on your Blog and Website to improve archiving and ensure the results are issued to explain

Have you tried to search for the strength of your archive? ..
Have you tried to search for causing the decline archiving problems do you have? .. Or weakness of visitors? ..
Give you day job site checked your SEO your blog or your website ..
Position does not examination and gives you a solution to the problem you have to make in the lead
Free Web Site without any subscriptions ..
Scans entire blog and submit a report and as a result of solving the problems ..
To access the site prefer ..
Anyone who has a problem
Warning: Make sure you have at least one H1 tag: It represent the headline of your content / website
You can access to the template, and then edit the HTML HTML
And looking for ..
<div id = ‘header-inner’>
<div class = ‘Titlewrapper’>
Will find the following form ..
<div id = ‘header-inner’>
<div class = ‘Titlewrapper’>
<h2 class = ‘title’>
< . b: include name = ‘title’ />
</ h2>
Each Maalih change the H-2 to H-1 H1
In the end you’ll get a 100% power for SEO and archiving 

What extent has a problem in his blog or leaves his response in a comment and I will help him 

improve SEO your website or blog to improve archiving and ensure the results are issued to explain chkme site

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