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How to Display Adsense Ads Middle of WordPress Posts

Google Adsense Ads is the simple way to earn money just by displaying the targeted ads around your content. Here the ads targeting means ads related the content of your website or the users interest. Google approves Adsense ads only the selected websites i.e. which are approved by it.

Now we will tell you how to display google adsense ad Middle of WordPress posts ? There are two methods given below. The first way is by converting Google Adsense ad code into shortcode and the other way is using Plugin. So let us learn it.

Display Adsense Ads Middle of WordPress Posts

Method-2: Insert Adsense Ads Middle of WordPress Posts using Quick Adsense plugin

if you don’t want to use wp shortcode else you can use Quick Adsense WordPress plugin. click to                    Download Quick Adsense Plugin


The Advantage of using this plugin:

Display Ads Beginning of Post

Display Ads Middle of Post

Display Ads End of Post

Display Ads After Image

Display Ads Before the Last Paragraph

Display Ads End of Paragraph

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