Easy Sketch Pro 2.01 Latest Version Free Download

Easy Sketch Pro is a breeze software. It has a very intuitive interface, and all the tools you need are visible and instantly accessible. You can pretty much do whatever you want with your videos, from adding texts, voice-overs, and enlarging or reducing the size of the background image, etc. How you want your video to look, sound, and feel is totally up to you.

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Highly Interactive and Shareable

You can share your videos on any platforms – through your site or via social media. Integrations with popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more enable your videos to reach a wider audience. Interaction tools within your videos make them more exciting and empower your audience to engage and explore what you have to offer.

Easy Sketch Pro 2.01 Latest Key Features:

  • The transition from Sketch To Live Video Intros
  • Upload your music background
  • Professional, polished backgrounds
  • Packed Image-Ready Libary
  • Mac/PC Compatible
  • No Export/upload hidden fees
  • Add your autoresponder
  • Full Social Integration to Social Media
  • Customize all behavior
  • Display Anywhere
  • Custom Branding

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