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Download Zapya File transfer tool For Windows Free

Zapya File transfer tool is one of the top ranking peer-to-peer file sharing application that especially use for mobile devices. After install this application you will be able to transfer large files over wireless networks.
When you installed the application, you will be able to move files quickly between them and even view them through the app itself. This is the great way to share documents, media and other type of office or home.


 Download Zapya File transfer tool For Windows Free


  • It has a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • It has easy friends group management and you will easily find in a social media app with the file-sharing function.
  • You can set a file to share and just leave it to complete by itself.
  • You can search for friends online nearby and quickly preview files with the built-in media player option.
  • Zapya is a very convenient file-sharing tool especially If have an environment where a large number of users share the same WiFi network such like an office or university halls etc.
  • You can share files within a specified friends group.
  •  Transfer over wireless networks is fast, free and simple.
  • A good choice for free WiFi users.

Tech Info:

File Size: 5MB

License: Free

Language: English

OS: Windows 10

Category: File Transfer/ File Sharing

DeveloperDewMobile Inc.

Download Zapya File transfer tool For Windows Free

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