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Download Justified Image Grid v3.3 – Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid v3.3 This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery, like Flickr and Google image search. Make your galleries stand out in an eye-catching and unique new way! Replace the standard WP galleries

as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WordPress manages the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook, Flickr or use NextGEN as an image manager/source. Unleash the power of image RSS Feeds and pull videos from Youtube or Vimeo and images from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, WordPress .com blogs and more! Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their featured images! Also works with custom post types and custom taxonomies. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!

Control every aspect: row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, free and premium lightboxes, mouse activated animation… It’s easy to install and comes with 20 presets out of the box. The setup is a breeze with two admin areas: the plugin settings and the Shortcode Editor (you can edit your previously generated shortcodes!). 340 settings are spread over a tabbed interface in two admin areas for quick access. The settings are available to change on a per gallery basis, extending the global settings and presets. No coding skills are required. There is no need to remember shortcode attributes/values because of the Shortcode Editor that has examples and contextual help.

Justified Image Grid v3.3 Changelog

v3.3 – November 2, 2016 – Real Media Library and NextGEN compatibility refreshed, 0-byte download problem fixed, many improvements and fixes.

New features:
It’s now possible to set a custom link for Recent posts on the post itself. This is done via a custom field, the name of which you supply in the shortcode editor. Otherwise it can use the featured image’s JIG Link field.
Filtering for WP Real Media Library can be extended to folder and collection views.

Translation of certain NextGEN content via WPML is changed. JIG uses the new variable name format, same as new NextGEN. This only affects previously-translated gallery titles and description, album descriptions. If you wish to use your old translations, add this to your functions.php: define(‘JIG_NG_I18N_OLD_WAY’, true);
gal_11_description -> gallery_11_description
gal_29_title – > gallery_29_name
album_6_albumdesc -> album_6_description
Recently-changed NextGEN ngg_images shortcode attributes are now supported for automatic take-over (not sure why they would change the way it works). Single picture shortcode attribute is unknown at the moment.
No longer matching the NextGEN shortcode attribute “Images per page” to the limit setting of JIG as it’s not the same thing.
Made image download script more robust to fallback from CURL in case of SSL problems, even without touching CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER option.
Lightbox backlinks (such as Recent posts, Flickr, etc) are now marked with a class “jig-lightboxLink” for easier customization via CSS. Holds true for download links too, with the class “jig-downloadLink”.
Recent posts’ date options in the description take locale into account from now on (no more English month names).
NextGEN custom field for Links setting added to Shortcode Editor too, this allows you to show different links on the same images in different galleries, when using multiple NG custom fields.
Custom link’s target is now applied to recent posts, making it possible to open them on a new tab, etc.
Automatic WP gallery take-over feature is initialized a bit later, making it possible to override some themes’ alternative galleries.
Better support for Hebrew and other special characters with NextGEN albums and galleries.
Custom link override setting is now affected by custom link’s target setting.
YouTube (RSS source) thumbnails are no longer passed through Jetpack Photon as it rejects resizing them. This resulted in some distortions when aspect ratio and/or randomize thumbnail width settings were used.

0-byte image download problem fixed.
CURL-less image download problem fixed.
WP Real Media Library v2.6.5 compatibility fixing the “Invalid WP Real Media Library ID encountered” problem.
Shortcode Editor for Visual Composer would open at the top and not in the middle of visible viewport if the gallery block was placed lower on the page (problem only affected backend editing).
Shortcode Editor showed a 0 (zero) when opened from Visual Composer while you had the “Disable the visual editor when writing” option checked in your profile.
Settings screen values are now escaped. Problem was most prominent when putting HTML formatted values to settings like “Text to show before the grid”.
Breadcrumb separator minus is now working properly, previously the Shortcode Editor generated it called “miuns”.
Very old NextGEN images that have missing metadata caused a PHP warning, despite being shown in the grid.
Individual social sharing for very old NextGEN images had a problem that is related to the previous fix.
Beaver builder incompatibility (forever loading text editor settings screen).
Some (or completely) missing images in RSS feeds due to not following redirects on remote images when determining their dimensions via CURL. Redirects are not followed when safe mode is used (that would trigger an error).
Magnific Popup arrow button markup fixed.
Shortcode Editor for Visual Composer would revert to regular version when closed while loading then reopened. Also, it’ll always show the proper version depending on where you opened it from (normal editor from a text block or properly from VC).
Brooklyn theme incompatibility about PhotoSwipe being skipped is now resolved – ReferenceError: module is not defined
Unsetting values after all foreach loops when they are passed by reference.
Fixed notice about unserialize() on line 3968

Spanish translation – Thank you Ana from Caribdis Web.
jQuery v3.1.1
jQuery dotdotdot 1.8.2 (maintained jQuery v3 compatibility customization)

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