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AnVir Task Manager Free Beta for Windows

Download AnVir Task Manager Free Beta for Windows shows a list of the application automatically on windows startup. Download AnVir Task Manager Free Beta for Windows also shows browser configuration, services.  And also the processes.


AnVir Task Manager make adjustments to the OS of PC, to improve the performance of the computer. Its GUI is really well organized so we can disable or edit the Registry entries. It has a wide range of options which we can set, like to minimize the app to tray or to create a list of automatically disabled apps. It is conceivable to screen the movement and view shrouded forms, channel benefits by sort (Microsoft, non-Microsoft, Windows). Look at log subtle elements and fare them to an HTML petition for assist examination.

AnVir Task Manager Free Beta for Windows

You can attach files to tasks, share them, edit documents online simultaneously with others. And so much more. Free accounts come with 5GB online storage limit. They have authors, responsible persons, participants and observers, each with a unique role and access rights. Tasks can be creating for individual employees, several employees or entire departments. And workgroups, who can accept, decline or delegate them. Tasks are accessing via the task manager. Also workgroup, activity stream, calendar or mobile app.

External users, who are not part of your team, can be given access to tasks via an extranet, if necessary. You can choose to receive email, instant message or push notifications on your mobile. And when tasks are created, edited, commenting on or re-assigned in your profile. Task reminders are turning on by default.

Main Key Features Of AnVir Task Manager Free Beta:

  1. Shows a list of Application Automatically
  2. Shows Browser configuration
  3. Improve the Computer Performance
  4. Low CPU Utilization
  5. Task templates and recurring tasks
  6. Checklists and priority levels
  7. Unlimited subtasks (nested projects)
  8. Individual and group tasks
  9. Gantt chart
  10. Time tracking
  11. Daily planner
  12. Projects and workgroups
  13. Reports
  14. Mobile

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