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Active eCommerce OTP add-on Free Downlaod

Active eCommerce OTP add-on system isn’t an independent system. This OTP system is available only for Active eCommerce cms. If you do not purchase Active eCommerce CMS yet then click here for purchasing

Purchase today! & use OTP System for your eCommerce business which is only developed with the most efficient eCommerce cms named Active eCommerce cms. This OTP Addon will open a new door for your eCommerce business. Your user will be able to create an account & reset the password using their mobile number. They will get SMS notifications for new orders, order status change, order payment status change. You can also send bulk SMS to your registered customer’s mobile number.

Features of Active eCommerce OTP add-on:

Multiple SMS getaway

Registration With Mobile Number

Reset password With Mobile Number

Order status

change SMS notification

Bulk SMS send to customer

Order place SMS notification

Active eCommerce CMS

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