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Accounts Dominator 1.6 Get Full Version From Here

Account Dominator One stop solution for creating and managing emails and social media accounts. Accounts Dominator is a niche segment application that addresses the needs of individuals or organizations to create multiple emails and social media accounts with minimal effort. This SEO tool Account Dominator gives ease of access to end-users through its dynamic user interface. This addresses a lot of issues that come up during the early signup or registration process.

But you know how much time consumed, the effort needed, and tricky processes involved in creating accounts manually on a variety of platforms on a large scale. So here we are, introducing an icebreaker, Accounts Dominator, an auto account creator that creates bulk accounts in the wink of an eye.
With this mass account creator, you can generate accounts in email services, social media, web2.0 services, e-commerce portals, and e-commerce portals, and you can verify them all in no time.

Accounts Dominator Future:

  1. Amazon Account Creator: Mass create accounts on the biggest shopping website amazon on autopilot.
  2. Email Verifier:
     The tool will auto verify the emails
  3. Automatic Captcha Solver: It has an automatic captcha decoder, which makes it easier to handle annoying captchas. Supports DeathByCaptcha & ImageTyper.
  4. Multi-Threading Support: Run as many simultaneous threads as your computer can manage and create bulk accounts.
  5. Support Proxies: AccountsDominator supports private, public, proxies
  6. Decodes Captchas:

    It has an automatic captcha decoder, which makes it easier to handle annoying captchas.
  7. Public and Private Proxies:

    People can avail proxies both public and private as per their requirements, and it gives experience with a substantial degree of freedom.
  8. Customize Your Account:

    AccountsDominator gives functionality to setup necessary preferences as per one’s lifestyle and choices.
  9. E-Mail and Social A/C Creator:

    A highly versatile and feature-rich interface through which users can create the email and social media accounts.

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