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Account Planning module for Perfex CRM Free Download

Account Planning module for Perfex CRM Account Planning Module for Perfex CRM is a strategic account planning tool, which, through a customer-centric approach to identifying priority accounts capturing and analyzing critical information, allows you and your staff members to develop a strategy to expand and grow existing customer relationships. It creates a complete plan, with plenty of useful information through available options and data, separating them into four basic sectors for every plan: Due Diligence / Team Information / Service Ability Offering and Project Planning.

It also uses MindMap, based on GOJS, in order for staff members to be able to create a visual approach of their strategy, along with Handsontable which helps at data entry and logs staff member’s activity inside Activity Log. Please check out the uploaded videocast and screenshots, which demonstrates all visible parts of the module.

Features of Account Planning:

  • account planning tool
  • customer-centric approach
  • identifying priority accounts
  • analyzing critical information
  • existing customer relationships
  • It creates a complete plan
  • available options and data
  • Due Diligence
  • Team Information
  • Service Ability Offering

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