What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?


This also another way to earn money online or money making sites. Some people Sell their Products and some buy them and some of them do marketing to increase their sales and get the commission in return. There are many sites where this is done in a huge amount and people are making money in a fair amount.

Basically, you will need to select a product a product that you want to promote and earn per sale. This process is done by different methods and marketers do their marketing as per their strategy.

I would like to discuss them all and each and everything that you need to know before working on it. Firstly just go through this article then watch all of the videos to learn properly and start your work.

Which are the products that can be promoted?

There are two types of product that you can select and two processes which are called as.
CPA: Cost per action means get commission per action or sale. You can do marketing of online and offline or physical products.
CPD: Cost per Download means you will be paid by promoting software and if someone download and install it you will be get paid for it but the above option is best to do and can earn well in big amount.

How does it work?

You will need to select a product whether that is an online or offline/physical product. The methods for marketing will discuss in this article later. After selecting the product, you will do keyword research for it and if you get to know that keywords of this very specific thing do exist then you will approach to people through such platforms or networks and let them know that this is the product, it have these specifications and benefits if someone get ready and buy it you will be get paid in term of commission. You will be getting paid per every sale as you will be given a link to promote and people will buy from the link that you got and they will get.

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How much can a marketer earn monthly through affiliate marketing?

It is very simple with this formula if you selected a product of cost $100 and commission per sale is 70% then you will get $70 per sale accordingly now its depend upon you how you done the job and get buyers for it.

1 product = Per sale= $70 = 100 sales = 70 x 100= $7000

But this takes time, hard work and proper plan.

They have a proper system and you can learn it better by watching the videos below after reading the whole content.

What are the sites from where you can select product?

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There are three main and famous sites that I would like to share:
ClickBank MarketPlace: Here Online Products are being promoted.
Amazon Market Place: Here mostly Physical products are in the option to select.
Ebay Market Place: It is also one of the best places where you can select, promote and earn.

How to do Marketing or Promote to increase sales of the products?

There are many strategy that you can apply and there are many ways to promote them to get the goal.

Make a separate Blogs for them to reach audience
Social media marking means to promote through social media networks i.e. Facebook, twitter, and Reddit etc.
YouTube is also another method to get the audience.

Making Blog for Affiliate Products:

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The very first step after choosing the product is to check and do proper keyword research. Don’t pay attention to big monthly searches find some low searches keywords from 100 to 500 searches per month with low completion would be perfect as per my strategy.

Find the EMD (Exact match domain or site address), EMD means the domain that perfectly match the product’s name like Shahzaib Shafi is the name of a product then do buy the domain name with shahzaibshafi.com or shahzaibshafi007.com means to say it should be matching and also check the monthly searches for a domain before buying it.

If you are going to work on ClickBank then only focus on the single Product and if you are targeting Amazone then you can work on more than 1 product and if you want to work on more than two products then you can choose a brand name too or EMD as per your selection but for single product always remember to keep an eye on EMD domain.

Put a simple paid and good looking theme. Customize it well. and Do writes 1000 words article as a review of the product, add necessary pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy etc.

Even I’ve seen many affiliate sites where a marketer writes about 10-15 pages article and every article is of 1000 words and he was getting the audience and was earning more than a person can expect so advice you also to do the very same and adopt this amazing strategy.

Add All essentials plugins and present the site as it should be.

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And do some SEO (Search engine optimization) as well for fast result.

Using Social media networks:

Facebook Pages, Groups, and your timeline can also help you in getting buyers for the product.

Twitter is another source for it that can be used. Additionally, Reddit is also the powerful tool with million of users. You can use social media networks including Pinterest, Stumble upon, Linkedin and many others all are essentials can be used.

You will need to write something about the specific product and drop a link there.